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Biofloc Shrimp Growout Ponds

Aqua Mitra has constructed 7,00,000 Square Meters of Biofloc Shrimp Ponds across various locations in East & West coasts of India. Our work includes Site visiting, CAD Drawing, Fish Bone Pipe Design, HDPE Geomembrane Installation, Cat Walks Design, Central Drainage and Sludge removal planning as per International standards.

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We at Aqua Mitra believe that every component of Pond is very important to grow Shrimp and pond design plays an important role in attaining better yields. 

Size and Shape of the Pond is the first important aspect in the planning stage. We help in designing the pond which facilitates in better sludge movement, natural dissolved oxygen generation from water movement using wind directions and actions & decide on the pond size based on customer's stocking density, target harvest size and other factors.

Depth of the Pond is another important factor that plays a major role during different climatic conditions. We design it according to the weather conditions in the construction area and calculate the High Tide & Low Tide lines and extract the historical satellite data to do a contour mapping. We also advise you about water levels to be filled during different climatic conditions.

Dikes of the Pond not only  indicate pond size and shape but also function to hold water within the pond as well as protecting other farm facilities from flood and facilitate in human and vehicular movement. Dikes must preferably be tested for load bearing capabilities and compatibility.

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